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Château de Chantilly
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Children and families

Are there activities for children?

Is there a special rate for children?

Yes. See our tickets and prices.

Is there a special rate for large families?

Yes. See our tickets and prices.

Can I visit the château with a child carrier?

Baby buggies and child carriers without frames are allowed in the Château and the Great Stables.

Are baby buggies available for loan on site?


Where can I change a baby and heat a bottle or baby food?

Changing tables are available in the ladies’ toilets in the Château and the Great Stables. For heating bottles and baby food, please contact the restaurants in the estate.

Do the restaurants have children’s menus?


Is there a restaurant in the Château?

Yes, the “La Capitainerie” restaurant, located on the ground floor of the château.
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Is there a restaurant in the Grounds?

Yes, “Le Hameau” restaurant, located in the Anglo-Chinese garden. This restaurant is only open during peak season (April to October).
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Is there a restaurant in the Great Stables?

Yes, “Les Écuries Café” (fast food, snacks), located in the cour of the Great Stables.
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Do I need to purchase an admission ticket to eat in the restaurants?

Yes, you must have purchased a ticket for the grounds to access the restaurant in the Château or the grounds.

Do I need to book in advance?

We recommend booking to ensure a table is available for you in the restaurants.
See dedicated section

Are restaurant vouchers accepted?


Are picnics allowed at the Château de Chantilly?

Picnic tables are available in the English Garden and near the playground and the Hamlet. They are not protected from the weather.


Is there a lost property office?

If you lose or find something during your visit, please contact, or go to the reception desk in the Château or the Great Stables.

Is there a small train or golf carts in the grounds of the château?

Where are the toilets located?

You will find the toilets in the cour d’honneur in the Château, on the ground floor of the Château, in the Great Stables, and at several locations in the Grounds.


What is the minimum number of people necessary to avail of a group rate?

Group rates are available for a minimum of 15 people.

Are guided tours available?

Yes, the rate is 180€ per visit, 30 people per guide, subject to guide availability and the date of the visit. Please send your request to the following address:

How can I obtain an estimate/make a booking?

You can send us a request by email:

Online reservation

Is secure payment available for online reservation?

Online payment on our website is 100 % secure (3D Secure).

Once tickets are reserved and ordered online, how can I receive them?

Tickets must be printed at home or saved on your smartphone.
No copy can be issued on site.

Is it possible to change or cancel an online reservation?

Tickets for the visit and shows are not subject to the right of withdrawal. Tickets cannot be reimbursed, even if they are lost or stolen. They will not be taken back or exchanged. Please remember to check the date of the show or visit chosen.

Shows and equestrian demonstrations

Do I need to arrive early for an equestrian show?

We advise you to arrive 30 minutes before the beginning of the show under the dome in the Great Stables.

What is the difference between an equestrian demonstration and an equestrian show?

The equestrian demonstration enable visitors to discover the dressage secrets of the Great Stables riders via a 30-minute educational demonstration. The equestrian show stages a performance with the horses of the Great Stables riders, who are usually in costume. It is approximately 1 hour long and generally tells a story. See programme.

What are the equestrian demonstration times and equestrian show times?

See the calendar to check what events are available on the day of your visit.


Are photos and videos allowed during equestrian demonstrations and equestrian shows?

Photos, even without using a flash, and videos are not allowed, in order not to frighten the horses, ponies and donkeys during shows. Thank you in advance for your compliance.

Useful informations

What methods of payment are accepted on site and online?

Tickets purchased on site can be paid in cash, by bank card (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX) or by contactless payment (phone, watch).

The payment method accepted online is: bank card only.

What are the opening hours at the Château de Chantilly?

Is it possible to leave the estate and come back later in the day?

Re-entry is possible on the same day with your ticket. The ticket is valid for a full day.

How long does it take to visit the château, the grounds and the great stables?

The visit takes at least half a day. Ideally, plan a full day to discover the entire estate (château, parc, grandes écuries). You can see our suggestions/itineraries

Are guided tours available?

For a private tour of the other parts of the Château, please contact 03 44 27 31 58.

Are digital tools for the visit available?

Where can I see a detailed map of the estate?

You can see our map here.

Where can I find information on tickets and prices?

Where are points of sale at the domain located?

You can purchase your tickets from the ticket desks at the entrance to the Château and the Great Stables. Vending machines are also available at the entrance to the Château and the Great Stables.

Is entrance to the Château de Chantilly free on the 1st Sunday of every month?

The Château de Chantilly is a private estate, entrance is therefore not free on the 1st Sunday of every month.

Are animals (dogs/cats) allowed in the grounds of the Château de Chantilly?

For safety and cleanliness reasons, animals (dogs/cats) are not allowed in the Château de Chantilly, even on a lead or in a bag, except guide dogs for people with visual impairment or disabilities.

Are photos allowed in the Château and the Great Stables?

Photos without flash/tripod are allowed in the Château and in the Museum of the Horse. Photos and videos are not allowed under the dome of the Great Stables during equestrian shows and demonstrations.

Which vehicles can I rent in the grounds?

Visitors with a ticket for the grounds or a 1 Day Ticket can rent golf carts, quadracycles, rowing boats and pedal boats.
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Where to stay at Chantilly?

Visitors with disabilities

Is the estate accessible for people with limited mobility?

As the Château de Chantilly is listed as a Historical Monument, work to increase accessibility is highly regulated. Due to this, accessibility is very limited or impossible in some parts of the Château.

Wheelchairs can access: the large suites and the reading room (via the cour d’honneur), the shop in the Château (via the courtyard in the “Petit Château”), the Grounds, the Great Stables and the Museum of the Horse.

Adjusted golf carts are available for rental in the grounds.

Parking is free for people with limited mobility who have limited mobility cards. A drop-off parking point enables people with limited mobility to de dropped off near the entrance gates.

More information on the dedicated page

Is there a special rate for people with disabilities and those accompanying them?

Show ticket and 1 Day ticket + Show: Reduced price for people with disabilities + reduced price for 1 companion

1 Day ticket and Grounds ticket: Free ticket for people with disabilities + free ticket for 1 companion

Please book your tickets by calling + 33 (0)3 44 27 31 51 or emailing:


Is it possible to rent spaces for a wedding?

Yes, The Château de Chantilly regularly welcomes wedding parties in the various spaces in the Château, Grounds and Great Stables.
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Can we take wedding photos in the gardens?

Wedding photos are only allowed in the grounds of the château.

For any photography without equipment (tripod, suitcase, umbrella…), the price is 380 € for the bride and groom and the photographer. Any additional person will have to pay for the “Grounds” entrance ticket.

For photographs with equipment, please send your request to:

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