Château de Chantilly
Château de Chantilly
Château de Chantilly
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Becoming a sponsor of Chantilly: a wide range of projects

The patronage is, of a long tradition, intrinsically linked to the history of the Château de Chantilly and to the princes who lived inside and has been supporting it up to these past years. The patronage has been a major factor to the maintenance, the restoration, and the influence of the site. This action is still being perpetuated nowadays on many levels and has been growing thanks to the Aillagon law from the 1st of August 2003.

The patronage is a major asset and an essential approach in order to support the financing of the activities for the Château de Chantilly. Coming from the individuals, associations and foundations, companies, the patronage is present in almost all fields of activity: the restoration of inner decors, buildings, gardens and forest, the acquisition of art works and objects, the cultural program and animation, the development of services for the public. From “adopting a tree” to the patronage of an exhibition, or of a great operation of patrimonial restoration, a large panel of project allows each patron to choose the project which matches his image and its financial possibilities, and so, contribute to highlight the wealth of the heritage.

The patronage has been made possible thanks to the ingenuity and tenacity of the teams in charge of the place, but also thanks to the commitment of the patrons, which exceeds the strict financial support, to make the values of requirement, elegance and harmony relive – which are in the center of the cultural identity of the castle and the princely domain of Chantilly and contribute to the protection of this exceptional heritage.

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