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In these general terms and conditions of sale (hereinafter referred to as “GTCS”): “DOMAIN OF CHANTILLY” designates: the “Foundation for the Safeguarding and Development of the Domain of Chantilly”, a not-for-profit foundation with headquarters at 7 rue du Connétable, 60500 Chantilly, France.

Telephone number: + 33 (0)


“Website”: the website at the following URL:

“Client”: any natural or legal person with which the Domain of Chantilly concludes a sales contract.

Hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Parties” and individually as a “Party”.

“Order”: any contract binding the client to the Domain of Chantilly during the operation and completion of the sale.

“Online Ticketing”: the specific portal of the Domain of Chantilly, on which one or several services may be purchased.

“Dated ticket”: a ticket that is valid only on the day for which a reservation was made. Can be presented directly at ticket controls.

“Open date ticket”: a ticket that is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase, except for private events. Can be presented directly at ticket controls.

“E-Ticket”: electronic ticket. A virtual ticket that must be printed out.

Can be presented directly at ticket controls.

“M-Ticket”: mobile-ticket. A virtual ticket that must be downloaded to a Smartphone. Can be presented directly at ticket controls.

1 – General points

1.1 – These GTCS apply to all online orders for one or several services purchased by the client from the Domain of Chantilly online ticketing service. The said services for dated tickets may only be used for the day(s) chosen by the client when the Order was placed. These GTCS are available on the website.

1.2 – The client states (s)he has the capacity to conclude this contract, i.e. is of legal age and is not under guardianship or tutorship.

1.3 – Placing the order implies express, unreserved acceptance by the client of all the clauses and conditions laid down in these GTCS. Consequently, the client states and recognises (s)he has full knowledge of the latter and therefore waives the right to avail of any other document.

1.4– The Domain of Chantilly reserves the right to unilaterally change these GTCS, at any time and to apply them to all orders placed after the date of any such change.

2 – Orders

2.1 – Orders for services are subject to these GTCS and to the Domain of Chantilly visitor regulations.

2.2 – To place an order, each client must be identified, ahaving first created a secure account using identifiers (login and password).

– Prior to confirming an order, the client has the possibility of checking his/her choice (order) and may change it if required.

When ordering dated tickets, the client is asked to check the date and time reserved.

– The order will not be confirmed before the second and last confirmation of the order summary screen. This last “click” is equivalent to the handwritten signature referred to in article 1341 of the French Civil Code (hereinafter referred to as the “acceptance click”). After the aforementioned acceptance click, the order is deemed irrevocable and may only be challenged in cases specifically defined below. The client may, prior to this last click, identify and correct his/her errors.

2.3 – Once the order placed is confirmed, the client will automatically be redirected to a page confirming final validation of the order. The client will also receive a confirmation email in which the Domain of Chantilly acknowledges receipt of the client’s order. By keeping and/or printing this email, the client has proof of his/her order, which the Domain of Chantilly advises the client to keep.

2.4 – Tickets purchased will be sent to the client by email, in a PDF file attachment. The tickets will also be made available to the client in his/her account. The client account is accessible after identification using the login and password.

– Before arriving at the entrance of the Domain of Chantilly, the client must print the E-Tickets that were purchased online.

– The client also has the possibility of saving a picture of the tickets on a Smartphone. M-Tickets will be scanned at ticket check points.

– Tickets cannot be be provided on site, if the client forgets to print or save a picture of tickets purchased on line, (s)he will be refused access to the domain. In any case, we would ask you to check your email prior to arriving at the domain.

2.5 – All the information in the confirmation emails will be considered accepted by the client if (s)he does not contest them by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 8 calendar days. However, they may only be contested in so far as they differ from the reservations.

2.6– Pursuant to article L.121-20-4, 2° of the French Consumer Code, the client does not benefit from the 7-day withdrawal period provided for in article L.121-20 of the same code.

3 – Rates

3.1 – Rates are the public rates displayed at the entrance of the Domain of Chantilly. Ticket rates are indicated in Euros including all taxes. All orders, irrespective of their origin, are payable in Euros.

– The applicable rates are those in effect on the date the order is placed. The Domain of Chantilly reserves the right to change its rates at any time. Services will be invoiced based on the rates in effect when the online order is confirmed.

– If the domain is partially closed or opening times are shortened, rates remain unchanged.

– Rates and services are likely to be reviewed according to economic conditions and regulatory provisions.

– The reduced rate for children applies from ages 3 to 17.

– Other tickets with reduced rates are not available via online ticketing. As proof of eligibility is requested to benefit from these rates, such tickets may only be purchased on site.

– The only method of payment accepted under these general terms and conditions of sale for online ticketing is a bank card.

3.2 – The only method of payment accepted for orders subject to these GTCS is a bank card (Carte Bleue, Visa and Eurocard/Mastercard cards are accepted).

The Domain of Chantilly website is protected by a security system. Input and transmission of data is protected by the SSL and 3D secure protocol.

3.3– The client is guaranteed that his/her bank account will only be debited once by the Domain of Chantilly, via its secure payment website, for the overall amount corresponding to the services ordered.

3.4 – Parking is authorised in the designated car parks. Parking is subject to acceptance of the Domain regulations, at a daily rate of 4.00€ per passenger vehicle.

3.5 – Part or all of the Domain of Chantilly may be hired for private events, subject to specific rates.

4 – Means of access

The equestrian shows take place under the dome of the Great Stables at set times. The various opening times can be found on our website. If the client arrives late, tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded. Doors will close as soon as the show begins.

Clients are asked to arrive at least 15 minutes before the equestrian show begins. Seating is not numbered, except for group reservations.

It is the sole responsibility of the client to check dates and opening times in the “calendar section” of the website.

The Domain of Chantilly reserves the right to refuse access to any person whose attitude, behaviour or dress could be considered likely to generate unrest inside the domain or to disrupt the visit.

In this case, no refund may be requested by the client, who will be refused access to the domain for the reasons previously mentioned.

5 – Obligations of the parties

5.1 – The Domain of Chantilly undertakes to deliver the services ordered, subject to the provisions of article 9 below, and subject to compliance of the client with the procedure laid out in article 2 below.

5.2 – In the event where the Domain of Chantilly is, after final confirmation of the order, unable to fulfil its obligations, the Domain of Chantilly, in order to guarantee in so far as possible a product complying with the client’s expectations, reserves the possibility of changing the initial allocation of the services, provided that the latter correspond to the client’s expectations; in this event, the Domain of Chantilly must inform the client of any changes in a timely manner.

5.3 – All visitors must comply with the visitor regulations displayed at the entrance to the Domain of Chantilly.

5.4 – The client undertakes to comply with any instructions issued by the Domain of Chantilly concerning the organisation of services.

5.5 – Reproduction rights: any reproduction or use of pictures of the château, grounds, Great Stables, the entire domain or a work from the collections must have prior authorisation from the Domain of Chantilly.

6 – Responsibilities

6.1 – The Domain of Chantilly may waive part or all of its responsibility by proving that non-fulfilment or poor fulfilment of the contract is attributable either to the client, to the unforeseeable and unavoidable act, of a third party with no relationto the provision of any services laid out in the GTCS, or to an act of God.

6.2 – The client will be liable for any direct or indirect damage (s)he may cause during his/her visit to the Domain of Chantilly, either to the staff and/or clientele of the domain, or to any material made available to the client by the domain.

6.3– The Domain of Chantilly can in no case take responsibility where tickets are lost or stolen. No duplicates will be issued on site.

7 – Cancellation/changes

– In accordance with article L 121-20-4 of the French Consumer Code, the sale of entry tickets for museums is deemed to be a provision of recreation services; tickets for the domain or the shows are not subject to a withdrawal period.

– Open date tickets: tickets will not be refunded, even if they are lost or stolen.

– Dated tickets: tickets cannot be taken back or exchanged, except when a show is cancelled and the organiser decides to refund tickets. When the organiser decides to refund tickets, refunds will only be made to the initial purchaser in return for tickets.

– A ticket cannot be resold at a higher price than that featuring on the back of the said ticket. No duplicates of tickets can be issued, even if these are lost or stolen.

8 – Act of God

The Domain of Chantilly reserves the right, without payment of any compensation or penalty, to cancel the provision of services and change its programme if an act of God or fortuitous events obliges it to do so.

9 – Applicable law, claims and legal disputes

9.1 – These GTCS are subject to French law.

9.2 – Any claims, regardless of their type, must be sent in writing to the Domain of Chantilly, at latest on the day of the visit. The letter must specify the order number and the precise reasons for which the said claim is being made.

9.3 – Should there be difficulty interpreting or applying these conditions, the parties will try, in so far as possible, to settle their dispute amicably. Any disputes that may arise from these sales conditions must be referred, even in the case of multiple parties or activation of the guarantee, to the competent court in the jurisdiction of the Domain of Chantilly head office.

9.4 – After having lodged a complaint with the Sales Administration department and in the absence of a satisfactory response within 60 days, the client can lodge a complaint with the Tourism and Travel mediator, whose contact details and procedures for lodging complaints are available on:

10 – Personal data

10.1 – The information collected for online ticketing is intended for the Domain of Chantilly. It is subject to IT processing, which results in the processing of the client’s request and commercial management of it by the Domain of Chantilly, in particular:

– Replies to information requests on the website,

– Placing and management of orders

– Forwarding commercial information when the client has agreed to this

– When permissible under current legislation, compilation of general statistics on consultation of the website in order to improve the services offered by the Domain of Chantilly on this website.

10.2 – In compliance with French law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978 on Information Technology and Protection of Privacy, the client has the right to access, rectify or eliminate information about him/her, and can exercise this right by contacting the Domain of Chantilly, whose head office is located at 7 rue du Connétable, 60500 Chantilly, France, which is responsible for processing information. This is an individual right that can only be exercised by the person in question regarding his/her own information: for security reasons, the Domain of Chantilly must check the client’s identity in order to avoid communicating any confidential information concerning him/her to another person.

10.3 – Fields in the registration forms (setting up an account, registration for the newsletter) followed by an asterisk must be filled out. Failing this, the Domain of Chantilly cannot take the registration request into account. The Domain of Chantilly may also collect data concerning the use of the website, e.g. pages viewed or services used by the client in order to better understand the client’s expectations and improve operation of the website. If the client does not wish this to be the case, (s)he may refer to the “cookies” section of these GTCS.

10.4– Cookies: the Domain of Chantilly wishes to inform you that when you consult the website, information relating to browsing on your terminal is likely to be recorded in “cookies”, subject to the parameters concerning cookies in your browser. These parameters may be changed at any time.

This information makes it possible to establish statistics, traffic volumes and use of the various elements that make up the website. This data enables improvement of ergonomics and services according to users’ interests.

To manage cookies and your choices, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu in your browser, which will enable you to find out how to change your preferences for cookies. Any changes you make to parameters are likely to change your Internet browsing and your access conditions to certain services requiring the use of cookies.