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The patronage is a burst of generosity and solidarity. You can participate in our projects by donating, regardless of the amount. Join the list of donators of the Château de Chantilly.
We are counting on you!

Advantageous tax deductions

Regardless the amount of the donation, 66% of the amount is deducted from your income tax (limited to 20% of the taxable income and extendible over 5 years). For example, a donation of 100€ will actually cost you only 34€ and will make you benefit from a tax cut from 66€.

Deduction on the wealth tax. As a foundation of public utility, we can allow you to benefit from an important deduction on your wealth tax. Thus, 75% of the amount of your donation can immediately be taken off your wealth tax, by a maximum of 50 000€.

If you would like to donate from abroad and benefit from tax advantages linked to the patronage of your home country, contact us!

You all can participate to our projects by a donation or a legacy. How to do so? It is simple. Follow the guide!


Establishing a legacy for the Château de Chantilly allows you to pass by a will and after your passing, a part or your whole heritage to this patrimonial place for which you have a particular interest.

The law in France defines a reserving legacy which rightfully goes to the direct descendant heirs: children or parents. This part can change, depending on the number of children.


A donation is a notary act by which you irrevocably transfer the right or the property of a good to the Château de Chantilly. It becomes effective immediately.

Several types of donations exist, such as the donation with a usufruct restriction: the donator keeps the enjoyment of the good until their death.


By designating the Château de Chantilly as the beneficiary or all or a part of a life-insurance-contract, you will benefit from all the advantages of the life insurance. When you die, the Château de Chantilly will be exempted from transfer rights.

NB : The amounts placed in a life-assurance-contract are legally not a part of the succession and are not submitted to the reserving part. You can make the Château de Chantilly be the beneficiary of a life-insurance-contract with a simple declaration to your banker and the Institut de France.

Need any help for your administrative documents?
Your notary is a specialist for these questions. Do not hesitate to consult them so that they help you to formalize and establish your succession.

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