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Companies and Foundations

You are the CEO of a company, or the Leader of a foundation and you want to get involved with the Château de Chantilly? Discover the different ways to help us today and tomorrow in order to preserve our patrimonial site.

Financial support

At any time, you can contribute to the proper functioning of the Château de Chantilly by making a financial donation which, in addition to our own resources, will enable to take charge of operating expenses.

The fiscal measures of the law on the 1st of August 2003, allow to deduct 60% of the amount given for the patronage from your corporate tax, by a maximum of 20 000€ or 0,5% of its turnover. In case the deductible amount is superior to the corporate tax, the excess can be reported over the next five fiscal years.

Skill-based patronage

As a business owner, you have the possibility to put your skills, or your collaborators’ skills, at the service of the Château de Chantilly. By doing so, participate actively to the projects you support as an actor of their realization.

Patronage in kind

Also, your company can donate an object or product as part of a patronage in kind.
Here find the conditions to evaluate your tax deductions, linked to these patronages.

Circle of the companies for patronage

Advantages from which you benefit

The advantages and compensations offered within the Château de Chantilly will be valued by a maximum of 25% of the amount given for the patronage, attesting from the support brought by your company to the Château de Chantilly.


Privileged access

Public relations

Possibility to organize your meetings and events within the Château de Chantilly, with an exceptional discount of 15% on the cost related to the provision of spaces.

Join the Circle of companies for patronage

The Circle of companies for patronage of the Château de Chantilly currently counts a dozen of loyal members, who bring and renew their support for diverse projects, each year since 2010.