Château de Chantilly
Château de Chantilly
Château de Chantilly
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Training secrets of the riders

During these 30-minute long presentations with commentaries, a rider explains the basics of horse-riding and reveals some secrets on horse training, from the simplest to the most sophisticated exercises, such as those of the haute-école, and then a second horsewoman performs a rehearsal of an act from a show, with music and commentaries.

The majestic dome of the Great Stables

Between the two naves, the dome culminates at 28 metres. In 1989, two centuries after the original was destroyed during the Revolution, Yves Bienaimé, founder of the first Living Museum of the Horse, recrowned it with its statue of Fame.

Inside, the space was subtly laid out as an equestrian show theatre that can seat up to 600 spectators. Its stage is in fact a 13-metre sand arena, similar to a circus ring. This is where the daily demonstrations and shows take place.

Its fountain, recently restored by the American Friends of Chantilly, features the dates of construction of the Great Stables (1719-1735).

Useful information

Duration: 30 minutes
Location: The dome in the Great Stables
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On show days, the dome is not accessible from 1 pm to 3:30 pm


Animation included in the 1 Day ticket without supplement