Sacramentary of Lorsch
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Sacramentary of Lorsch

  • Localisation :
  • Année de création :10th century
  • Artiste :


222 sheets on parchment (h. 23.7 cm, l. 18 cm, 1 full page miniature
West Germany (Trier), 10th century
Origin: Lorsch Abbey (Diocese of Worms); purchased from the Boone bookshop, London, 1862

The Duke of Aumale, who was intent on creating a comprehensive overview of illumination from its origins, acquired a sacramentary – a liturgical book containing prayers and texts reserved for celebrants – which was characteristic of Carolingian and Ottonian productions.

The art of the early Middle Ages was at its peak here. Several pages are written in uncial writing, in small gold letters on purple parchment.

The harmony and elegance of the forms and colours characterise the art of the Registrum Gregorii Master, an illuminator from the Ottonian period who was active circa 980-996 in Trier.

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