Kalîla wa Dimna, translated by Anton von Pforr
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Kalîla wa Dimna, translated by Anton von Pforr

  • Localisation :
  • Année de création : Circa 1480
  • Artiste :Anton von Pforr


Das Buch der Beispiele der alten Weisen, Urach (Swabia), 15th century (after 1476)
Manuscript enriched with a cycle of 132 miniatures on vellum
Manuscript 680

Origin: Eberhard V the Bearded, Count of Württemberg, London, 1860

This compilation, also called the Fables of Bidpaï, was composed in India before 570 and spread in the West from the 13th century in a Latin version.

It was intended for the moral education of princes.

At the end of the 15th century, a painter who was perhaps of Flemish origin renewed its illustration at the request of the Count of Württemberg, a bibliophile who commissioned the German translation.

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