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New: The Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry online!

A bit of history:

The most precious manuscript of Chantilly is a prayer book commissioned around 1411 by Duke Jean I of Berry from the brothers Paul, Jean and Herman de Limbourg who died in 1416. Throughout the 15th century, other illuminators worked on completing the manuscript, such as the painter Barthélémy d’Eyck, for the royal family, and Jean Colombe, for Charles I of Savoy, who inherited the manuscript around 1480.

It is a veritable jewel of international Gothic art, featuring Flemish, German, French, Italian, Oriental and Antique influences.

Since the manuscript was acquired by the Duke of Aumale in 1856, the book rose to fame across the world, becoming a symbol of the Middle Ages.


A mythical masterpierce:

The manuscript is made up of 206 pages of parchment, measuring 29 by 21 centimetres, featuring up to 131 miniatures protected by an 18th century binding.

The Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry is an exceptional manuscript both for the refinement of its ornamentation, the richness of its iconography and its artistic quality: 66 full-page paintings are a museum in themselves!



A connected manuscript:

The bicentenary of the birth of the Duke of Aumale is an opportunity to share the emotion that this masterpiece provides.

We invite you to dive into the heart of this exceptional manuscript and discover all of these illuminations through images of unprecedented quality!