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The manuscripts of the dukes of Bourbon (14th-16thcentury)

Less famous than the libraries of the Duke of Berry or the Kings of France, that of the Dukes and Duchesses of Bourbon was nonetheless one of the main libraries in France at the end of the Middle Ages.

In 1661, the Duchy of Bourbon was attributed to the Great Condé. The prince recovered approximately forty manuscripts from Moulins. These form one of the central components of the present-day Library in Chantilly. For the first time, this prestigious set, including Italian manuscripts and sumptuous aristocratic works, can be contemplated by antique book fans and curious visitors. The singular figures of the princes and princesses who commissioned, collected or cherished them will be celebrated, in light of recent research and prestigious loans.

Image : Rogier van der Weyden’s studio, Diptych of Jeanne de France (left panel ) Chantilly, Condé Museum, PE 107


Curation :

Curation: Mathieu Deldicque, director of the Condé Museum, and Marie-Pierre Dion, libraries curator, Condé Museum