The Madonna of the House of Orléans
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The Madonna of the House of Orléans

  • Localisation : The Santuario
  • Année de création :Circa 1506-1507
  • Artiste :Raphael


Until the Revolution, this painting by Raphael (1483-1520) belonged to the Orléans’ collection, from which it takes its title. In 1791 Louis-Philippe-Joseph of Orléans sold his paintings and the painting was taken to England, where the Duke of Aumale bought it back in 1869 because of its family origins. This is a magnificent example of the devotional Virgins painted by Raphael in his youth. The jar of “tyriana” in the background is a remedy against bites inflicted by snakes, the symbol of evil. The tyriana and the apple symbolise Christ’s atonement for original sin.