The education of a princes, by Erasmus
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The education of a princes, by Erasmus

  • Localisation :
  • Année de création :1526
  • Artiste : Erasmus


Epithome ou Sommaire… de l’Institution d’ung prince chrestien jusques en l’eage d’adolescence

Manuscript on vellum, illuminated probably in Tours, 1526
Manuscript 316

Origin: J.J. de Bure auction, 1853

The Reading Room houses many princely manuscripts from the Renaissance.

This small book of instruction in French, dedicated to Louise of Savoy, was intended for the private tutors of the children of France at a time when they were sent as hostages to Charles V in Spain after the defeat of their father François I in in Pavia.

It contains 4 charming images from Aesop’s fables and the Adagia by Erasmus, (1469-1536), accompanied by instructions for their pedagogical interpretation.

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